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5 Things to Do to get your Home ready for Winter

Most people I have the opportunity to talk to truly enjoy the Spring and Fall, but nearly go into depression when we begin to talk about the winter. In the Ohio Valley, the sun often times just leaves for seemingly weeks at a time! I can't help but wonder, "Where does it go?"

Our winters can be harsh on our homes and there are a few things we can do to "batten down the hatches" in preparation for those harsh conditions.

1. Have your gutters cleaned. (Ice damming at the gutter line is a real thing here. This often leads to leaks and water damage. This is a service we offer, so call our office to schedule your gutter cleaning.)

2. Have your Chimney and Roof evaluated and any recommended repairs made. (The summer presents its own harsh conditions to your roof and chimney. If the water breaks the seal of the outer shell of your home, the moisture that gets in followed by the freeing and thawing cycles can cause big time damage. Have your roof and chimney evaluated before winter.

3. Redirect water (If downspouts cause water to cross sidewalks or driveways, have them redirected. The water in the winter will turn to ice and become an unsuspecting skating rink for someone walking across it.)

4. Have windows evaluated (We all know windows are a major culprit in heat loss during the winter. You want to make sure your windows are properly glazed and are quality energy efficient windows.)

5. Check your attic Insulation (Another way heat loss occurs is when we have insufficient attic Insulation. Some customers have saved 20-25% on their energy bills in the winter from having their attic properly insulated)

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