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Storm Damage? 6 ways to know if you have storm damage

Face it, in the Tri-State Ohio Valley, we experience strange weather! We have snow and ice one day, wind and hail the next, torrential rains another day and tormenting heat the day after! We also have UV rays from our hot sun breaks down the metallic granules on the shingles which retards their water resistance, and then they end up in your yard.

When the Ohio Valley gets the occasional hail storm, your asphalt roof can form bruises, or dark looking spots where the granules have been knocked away. You may also find holes, missing shingles and cracks in the roofing system and siding. After high winds or a nearby tornado, homeowners might see whole sections of shingles that have been torn off or split seams.

Some signs to look for that will signal storm damage:

1. Missing shingles, roofing material, siding or fascia

2. Dark spots or indentions in asphalt shingles (Often times not visible from the ground)

3. Limbs on the roof and spread in the yard

4. Dents on gutters, flashing, or vents

5. Water spots in the drywall or plaster from leaks inside the property

6. Check the gutters or downspouts for metallic granules (loosened from large hail)

If these are not repaired right away, water leaks might occur, which can lead to mold formation and wood rot. These can eat away at the structural integrity of your home, which in the end could lead to even more severe damage.

If you have a tree fall on your home, ask for an inspection for structural damage right away.

When a major storm hits, you should have your roof evaluated for hidden damage soon. I've had family members and friends who thought their house looked fine from the ground after a strong storm only to find the roof was heavily damaged which was replaced by their Insurance.

Call us Quickly!

Our roofing and siding team get very busy when a storm hits, so if you suspect storm damage, call right away. We can work with your insurance company to expedite the repairs. Also, if you're Insurance company needs to be involved, the claim needs to be started within the first 6 months to a year from the occurrence. There is a time limit so Call us to schedule your storm damage estimate today!

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