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Are you prepared for the rainy season?

Our call volume always spikes in March and April as the heavy rains begin to hit our area and home owners experience new leaks. The freezing and thawing cycle causes nails to raise on shingles, flashing, and mortar joints and bricks to pop on chimneys. We also experience heavy winds at times through the winter. These elements create vulnerabilities on your roof and siding that need to be inspected and repaired.

Spring visual checklist

-Roof service for nail pops and lifted shingles

-Missing or cracked shingles from wind damage

-Flashing boots for a tight seal and nails have not raised.

-Chimney flashing for loose flashing

-Chimney masonry for loose mortar, cracked crown or cracked bricks

-Loose gutters, gutter seams and standing water

-Loose and missing siding

Call us today to book an appointment to have your roof checked out.

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